tend a flock a Vision at trust your heart

Tweed x TYH Booh

ISDS DE/341772 / KC AU0901976

DE import / DOB 03.08.2015

CEA frei (2015)

HD, ED, OCD (follow soon)

Agility Grade 6

World Agility Open Team Member 2018


Photos / Videos

V joined us in November 2015 - and a long story belongs to her ...
TYH Booh, which i kept out of my long dreamed combination out of Ghost x Pepper (TYH E-litter) is V's mum.
Booh is a great little bitch with a lot of drive, on sheep she showed more then stunning; tremendous feeling and a real 'powerhouse' ...

When i moved to UK, Maria took care of Booh for a while ... that is now three years ago ... Maria fell in love with that very special and crazy Booh ...

As i didn't want to let Booh go without having a puppy out of her, Maria became a breeder and bred her first litter with Booh ;-) ... out of that is - yes: this little mottled Vision called 'V' and i couldn't be happier with her !!!

We chose Kerstin Schmölz Tweed to be the father as he has everything that we hoped and wanted for Booh... more about Tweed you find on Kerstin Schmölz website

V matured into a happy, friendly and honest young lady. Sometimes i catch myself thinking that the most remarkable caracteristic; 'a wise head' she has got from her granddad Ghost.

Her main 'job' is Agility and it is a pleasure to run that extremly talented young bitch. She has got a remarkable body awarness combined with a very cool head. She is quick on her feed and a reliable worker. She finished her first season in Grade 6 and we were able to qualify for the World Agility Open in 2018!

Working on sheep V shows everything you can hope for and what a talent here aswell ... she is very strong and not phased moving in tight spaces or facing the sheep. I couldnt be any happier with her.

My very, very special Talent!