trust your heart Taz

Boredale Gus x TYH Chili

ISDS 00/334981 / KC AS0901427

DOB 09.09.2014

CEA-DNA Normal

HD, ED, OCD (follow soon)

Agility Grade 7


Photos / Videos

Taz, son out of my Chilis first litter which is a a daughter out of my gorgeous Peppers last litter!

In Agility which is Taz's main 'job', he shows some nice things; outstanding smart and a thinker - he just wants to do it right, always. He has got a good bodyfeeling combined with a big stride and a good jumpingstyle. It is a pleasure to train him, Taz is not an early developer but a very honest dog and definetly one of the smartest dogs I ever trained.
He competes in Agility Grade 7.

On sheep he shows exactly what we hoped for in this combination, a great listener and all the talent from his parents... Sadly, usually the day has not got enough hours to do both intense...