I grew up on the dog training field and gained great experience in various dog sports, with many different dogs which formed my knowledge and understanding, leading to me focusing on the dog sport agility.
From this I have developed my techniques and methods, training my own dogs and working as a coach in agility.

The collies also introduced me to the fascinating world of sheepdog training and made me open my eyes to other spheres of dogtraining...

I worked as a shepherd, trained and sold a number of dogs and Trial my own dogs from Nursery to Open Class.

Pepper is still my number one when it comes to sheep, she is 'simply the best' and is forever impressing people... Pepper competed in the Open Class and I retired her from Trials in 2016.

Right now my Trial dog is Peppers daughter TYH Chili who started her Trial career in 2014 by competing at the Scottish Nurserys.

Meanwhile, the breeding of Border Collies and working with sheep has become a real passion for me.

So far, I have bred just a few litters, from which I have seen gorgeous puppies growing. I follow the progress and success which they achieve together with their wonderful owners, with great pride and delight. There are many examples of success in these litters, ranging from becoming members of National Agility and Obedience Teams to tremendous Trial and working dogs in many different countrys.
We have seen success in Sport World Championships and Trials.

You can only imagine how proud I am of my 'babys' ;-) !