Astra Pepper

Astra Mars x Astra Pride

ISDS 278040 / FCI (DE) 10848

DOB 01.04.2005

CEA, PRA, Cat. free (2006, 2007, 2010, 2012)

CEA-DNA normal by grandparents

HD-A, ED free, OCD free

Open Class Trial

Winner Heidecup Trial Kl. II (2010/DE)


Photos / Videos

Peppers father, Astra Mars - fascinated me right away, Mars was a well known studdog and gave his great temperament, versatility and power on to his pups.
Peppers mother, Astra Pride is a daughter of Whiterose Kep (Scot.Nat.Ch.) and Eryri Nan (winner of many Open Trials).

Pepper combines good herding blood through many generations and she shows that she is a really talented, original Border Collie with power and intelligence! Her feeling for sheep is amazing and she also shows just the right amount of eye, natural drive and flanks … enough power to move just everything… and she is veeery keen! A dog with huge potential!

Pepper is my souldog, never in a bad mood – always happy! Pepper has the talent to make me laugh, my crazy girl ;-) if she looks at me I feel like she looks straight into my heart.

Pepper had 4 stunning 'TYH' litters and lives on through many, many grandchildren which do great in all different directions. She is my foundation female and has not only a big influence in my breeding - her name is found in a lot of succesful dogs these days - which makes me very proud.

Thanks to Janet Beale for Pepper - my once in a lifetime dog - my heart and my soul !!!