Rising Sun Conall 'Nell'

Astra Tweed x Rising Sun Lucky Penny

ISDS 283830 / FCI (DE) 12480

USA import / DOB 18.04.2006

CEA, PRA, Cat. frei (2006, 2008)

CEA-DNA normal


Trial Kl. I, Working Test


Photos / Videos

Conall means 'strong wolf' in celtic, but I just call her Nell. Tweed always reminded me of a strong wolf and Nell steps in his footsteps.

I saw many offspring of Astra Tweed in Scotland and fell in love with this relaxed and clear mindset. This very 'special' type struck a chord with me.
That's why Nell went on the plane at only 9 weeks, for the long journey from America to Germany.

Nell's nature combines many fine attributes, friendly, self-confident, talented, natural and strong.

Nell has a good 'will to please' at daily work and also at home.
Nell's work on sheep is very good, she is very special because she never loses her confidence, has a lot of strength and remains calm and focused...the sheep know who is the boss.

Many thanks to Becky and Steve!