Kevin Evans Caleb x Nell

ISDS 00/328952

DOB 20.06.2013

CEA/CPRA/PLL free 13.01.2017

CEA-DNA normal by parents

HD 6:6


Photos / Videos

Meg is a daughter of Kevin Evans Caleb, an amazing dog with a friendly nature and of course a huge engine and talent.
Megs mother, Nell, is a daughter of R.Ellis Mirk (Reserve Int. Sup. Ch. 2012) - a really sharp and fast bitch! Meg has a very promising and interesting pedigree, as soon as I saw her as a small puppy I fell for her immediately ;-)

Meg, while she can be shy around strangers, is fully confident when working. She is a pleasure to train and work with, showing good drive and a willing to both "get it right" and "the job done". In contradiction to any shy moments, she shows a strong heart and nerve while working, capable of working very heavy sheep. She has great style, posture and focus, with good flanks and great feeling for her sheep, with the ability to quickly impress on them she is in control.

Megs training is coming along nicely, she might be a late developer in strange surroundings but is a very honest every day work partner.

Thanks to Wyn for this promising young bitch!