Tay x Meg




DOB 11.04.2017

Pedigree of this Litter


A. Pedgrift (UK)


S. Lima da Silva

PHOTOS of the puppies

We are very happy about the litter of our own Tay and Meg, it is always extra exciting to breed two dogs which you know in and out. Both dogs belong to us and you can read more about them on their own pages.

This is Megs first litter, unfortunately we only have two puppies... But those two are very happy, healthy and gaining weight like theres no tomorrow ;-)

I had Tay in my mind already when Meg was still a puppy and when Tay didnt belong to me... just a theory, but everything seems like it is meant to be ;-) ...
Meg has a shy side on her, which Tay, with his outstanding nature hopefully balances. On sheep Meg is a very honest working dog, she has plenty of power, plenty of style, a good feeling for her sheep (would also work cows) and learns at a good pace, she really trys to understand and is as keen as mustard.
Tay with his explosive working ethic, should be a great addition to Meg.

These puppies will be extremly keen and able to do it all - only work or sport homes will be considered.