Boredale Gus x TYH Chili


Boredale Gus photos

TYH Chili

DOB 09.09.2014

PEDIGREE of this Litter

I. Bertolini (IT)

CEA-DNA Normal

S. Atkinson (UK)

CEA-DNA Carrier

S. Lima da Silva

Agility Grade 6

CEA-DNA Normal

E. Jones (UK)

Agility Grade 3

CEA-DNA Carrier

J. Martin (UK)

Agility Grade 3

CEA-DNA (not tested)

K. Voigtländer (DE)

HD A, ED/OCD free

CEA-DNA Normal
CEA,Kat,Glk. free
MDR gen. normal
D. Merz (CH)

Agility 2

HD A, ED/OCD free

CEA-DNA Carrier

PHOTOS of the puppies

We are very happy to announce that TYH Chili gave birth to her first litter, sired by the International Supreme Champion Boredale Gus from Ian Brownlie.
This multiple Champion should be an outstanding combination to our young and talented bitch Chili. Gus is a good listener with a tremendeous forward gear, sharp and fast and a very special calm attidude working his sheep.
Gus won both the Scottish National and International Supreme in 2012, a remarkable feat! He has proved himself on numerous occasions with great results in many other major Trials. The Father of Gus is Neil McVicars International Supreme Champion Spot and another close family member is Ian Brownlies Mo, also International Supreme Champion and half sister to Gus.
Gus was born on the 19.06.2007
ISDS 291031
CEA DNA Carrier (TYH Chili is CEA DNA normal)

Photos and results of the Gus x Chili Litter

TYH Boyd

TYH Arabel

TYH Fred, TYH Taz and TYH Zach 9 months old

TYH Taz 9 months old working sheep

grandma Pepper and TYH Fred (9months)