H-Litter - Dewi Tweed x Astra Pepper




DOB 16.04.2012

PEDIGREE of the TYH H-Litter

I. Raabe (DE)

Working Test
BH, Agility 3

HD A, ED/OCD free

CEA free
D. Nardelli (DE)

CEA free
W. Ratajczyk (PL)

Agility 3

CEA free
here comes Cap
W.H.-Schwartz (DK)

CEA free
hot Chili Pepper
S. Lima da Silva

Open Trial

HD A, ED/OCD free

CEA-DNA normal
CEA free
TNS gen. normal Chili

PHOTOS of the puppies

I am veeery happy that Pepper gave birth to five healthy and gorgeous puppies!!! This is Peppers last litter and I am unbelivably proud of her gorgeous offspring!
Father to this litter is Dewi Tweed - International Supreme Champion in 2009! It was a good experience to have him for 6 months at my place for studholidays.
Tweed himself is a very friendly, open dog with charm - a wonderful temperament!
At sheep he shows special movements and of course everything else you could wish for ...!
In February 2011 a daughter of Tweed was sold for the highest price at Skipton Sale. Also Tweeds Son: Don won the All Wales Nuersery Finals 2011.
Tweed is born on the 23.02.2005
ISDS 278783 / KC AL0901344
CEA DNA normal
hipscore = 10 (excellent hips)
Pedigree Dewi Tweed

Photos and results of the TYH G-Litter

TYH Hotshot Polish Agility Champion 2015

TYH Haze 'Hope' working sheep

TYH Hotshot Agility

TYH Haze 'Hope'

TYH Hotshot 9 months

TYH Cap 8 months

TYH Hotshot 12 weeks