Fast Forward da Casa D`Arinia 'Ghost'

01.01.2005 - 08.12.2017

Astra Rust x Borderiinan Cara Mia

ISDS 288594 / FCI (DE) 10647

Portugal import

CEA, PRA, Cat. free (2006, 2009, 2010, 2012)

CEA-DNA normal

TNS gen. free

HD B , ED free, OCD free

Working Test, BH, Agility 3 (DE)

member of the Agility WC-Qualification 2009


Photos / Videos

I look up to the sky and talk to you, feel you in my heart, never more then a thought away, love you to the moon and back

Finding words to let you know how much I miss you is impossible. But I guess you know... you always been my rock, my strong, calm and honest friend.

Like a lion king you watched over us and your pack till last, nobody ever doubted you, a true and real leader which I know I will never have again...

So many stories to tell about you, so many adventures, so many memories...

The puppy who never cared if I was hiding behind a tree, trying to teach you to look out for me - you were not phased at all and just trotted on...

The Agility dog I learned, to better hurry with those blinds, as you came flying after me, teeth first...

The sheepdog who could move anything at anytime and anywhere, finding sheep in the dark or catching strays. But moving elephants would have been more your cup of tea...

You are the strongest and most outstanding Border Collie I ever met and the reason I wanted to breed. You will live on in your many offspring which you can be very proud off! I thank you especially for my V, your granddaughter, I see so much of you in her it's unbelievable.

We will all miss you so much my big boy, sleep tight and see you again one day.

Thanks to Ana Rita and Sonia for breeding and letting me have Ghost by my side.