Fast Forward da Casa D`Arinia 'Ghost'

Astra Rust x Borderiinan Cara Mia

ISDS 288594 / FCI (DE) 10647

Portugal import / DOB: 01.01.2005

CEA, PRA, Cat. free (2006, 2009, 2010, 2012)

CEA-DNA normal

TNS gen. free

HD B , ED free, OCD free

Working Test, BH, Agility 3 (DE)

member of the Agility WC-Qualification 2009


Photos / Videos

Ghost, a very special dog, impressed even when a puppy, with his safe character ...

He is from an outcross-breeding. His mother is from Finnish lines and his father is an Astra (there is the reason, for loving this line). A real 'once in a lifetime' cross!

Ghost is really special, because he is really safe and strong - he has a great nature, always friendly and very cool!

In Agility he is very forward and as a result, very fast.

Working sheep, Ghost is veeery keen and strong, he could move elephants without a problem.
Ghost is a strong worker and not the trialing type. But he showed me more then one time that you really can count on him, if you send him out in the dark searching for one lost sheep or moving the flock through 'whatever' he gets the job done - always!

Ghost has got the On/Off switch like nobody else. At home he is settled and relaxed, at work he is pure power!

Ghost produced some outstanding offspring which do very well in working sheep and all sorts of sports... We are very happy that his granddaughter Vision is with us.

Ghost is a slate-merle, a very rare colour. Slate is a dilute blue-merle, the patches are not black, they are blue.

In autumn 2009 Ghost had an accident in his back, the MRT showed a little cut in his spine. Because of that i decided that he will not compete in Agility anymore. In spring 2009 Ghost competed for the first time at the Agility World Cup qualifications, he showed good runs with some very outstanding times. A great dog who could have had a bright future ...
He is very well now and enjoys light agility training and some sheep work.

Thanks to Ana Rita and Sonia for this amazing Border Collie, my rock Ghost!