G-Litter - Dewi Tweed x TYH Aislyn



TYH Aislyn

DOB 06.02.2012 PEDIGREE of the TYH G-Litter

E. Hermann (DE)

BH, Agility 3

HD/ED/OCD fr.Vet.

CEA free
H. Kuhrt (DE)

BH, Agility 3

HD A, ED/OCD free

CEA free
V. Mortarino (USA)

Agility Grade 7

CEA free
go Pridee
A. Albrecht (DE)

Trial Kl. I

HD/ED/OCD fr.Vet.

CEA free
S. Gnotke (DE)
- 11.12.2015

BH, Agility 1

CEA free
L. & T. Sutinen (FI)

Agility 3

HD B, ED/OCD free

CEA, PRA, Cat. free

PHOTOS of the puppys

Aislyn gave birth to her first litter on the 06th of february 2012. She is a fantastic mother and the six puppys are healthy and very alive ;-) !
Aislyn lives and works with Sven Schröder and is from my A-litter. In 2010 Aislyn competed at her first Trial in class 1, but more important than Trials is the work at home. Aislyn works really naturally and has all the talent you need... her natural way of working always reminds me of her mum Pepper and also shows again how fantastic my A-litter is!
Father to this litter is Dewi Tweed - International Supreme Champion in 2009! It was a good experience to have him for 6 months at my place for studholidays.
Tweed himself is a very friendly, open dog with charm - a wonderful temperament!
At sheep he shows special movements and of course everything else you could wish for ...!
In February 2011 a daughter of Tweed was sold for the highest price at Skipton Sale. Also Tweeds Son: Don won the All Wales Nuersery Finals 2011.
Tweed is born on the 23.02.2005
ISDS 278783 / KC AL0901344
CEA DNA normal
hipscore = 10 (excellent hips)
Pedigree Dewi Tweed

Photos and results of the TYH G-Litter

TYH Grappa was put to sleep on the 11.12.2015, because of a kidney failure which was a long history illness - caused probably by eating poison, when he was young. Sandra, our thoughts are with you and we are very sorry for your loss! He will be always with us!

TYH go 'Pridee' working sheep

TYH Glen 'Diego' Agility

TYH Gin 'Taboo' Agility

TYH Pridee working sheep

TYH Gwyn Agility

TYH Glen 'Diego' working sheep

TYH Grappa

TYH Guinness in july 2012 - 5 months old

TYH Grappa in june 2012 - 4,5 months old

TYH Glen 'Diego' in june 2012 - 4,5 months old

TYH Gwyn in june 2012 - 4,5 months old