trust your heart hot Chili Pepper 'Chili'

Dewi Tweed x Astra Pepper

ISDS 320381 / FCI (DE) 15745 /

DOB 16.04.2012

CEA frei (07.06.12)

CEA-DNA normal

TNS gen. free

HD 5:4 , ED 0:0 , OCD free (Vet)

Open Class Trial

West Kilbride Nursery Trial 2014 placed 6th


Photos / Videos

Chili is my little diamond, ever since she was born! Peppers last puppy - and I am so happy she has all the great potential of her mother!

When Chili was only 5 weeks old she used to climb the puppy fence and followed me around the house ... she is very special and the most intelligent dog I ever had! There is still no gate too high - the little monkey always finds a way.

Chili has a more layed back nature then her mother, but there is an amazing similarity to Pepper.

On sheep, Chili is softer to work, but with the same amazing feeling for sheep as her mum! She also has quick, reactive movements and an amazing balance, not so much natural drive as Pepper.
All in all she is a stunning little dog and started Trialing in January 2014 in her first Nursery season.