C-litter - Fast Forward Da Casa D'Arinia x Rising Sun Conall




DOB: 05.04.2009

Celtic Hope
T. Horn (DE)

BH, Agility 3

HD/ED/OCD fr.Vet.

CEA free

Agility 3

HD A, ED/OCD free

CEA free
MDR1 +/+
Catch me
A. Sonnemäker (DE)

Working Test
BH, Agility 2

HD A, ED free

CEA free
Clou for you
F. Strassburger(CH)

Agility 2

HD A, ED/OCD free

CEA free
C'est la vache
K. Voigtländer (DE)

BH, Agility 2

CEA, PRA, Cat. free
Conalls Joy
L. Gabrielovà (CZ)

Working Test
Obedience 3

HD A, ED/OCD free

CEA/CL DNA normal
CEA free
TNS gen.normal

PHOTOS of the puppys

From this combination I expect puppys which are: healthy, intelligent, confident and keen.
Both, Nell and Ghost are very confident, with talent for all types of work and a good on/off switch.
Similar combinations of these lines produced very impressive working dogs!

Photos and results of the TYH C-Litter

TYH Conalls Joy 4th place at the Czech Obedience Championship 2014

TYH Conalls Joy qualified for the Obedience World Championship 2015!

TYH Conalls Joy competed at the Obedience World Championship 2013 and placed 3rd with the Team!

TYH Celtic Hope reached place 10 at the Agility VDH-German Championship (photo is from spring 2012)

TYH Conalls Joy is Czech Obedience Champion 2012 in Class 2

TYH catch me 'Blue' working sheep in october 2012

TYH Curious 'Jonah' Agility in summer 2012

TYH Curious 'Jonah' Border Collie Classics 2012

TYH Clou for you 'Lani' working sheep in summer 2012

TYH C'est la vache 'Cela' working sheep

Mum Nell, father Ghost, TYH 'Cela', TYH 'Blue', TYH 'Jonah' and TYH 'Lani' in summer 2011

TYH 'Lani', TYH 'Jonah', TYH 'Blue', TYH 'Cela' in summer 2011

TYH C'est la vache 'Cela' Agility

TYH Conalls Joy

TYH Celtic Hope Agility

TYH Catch me 'Blue' Agility

TYH Clou for you 'Lani' working sheep