trust your heart Beat

Aled Owens Roy x Astra Pepper

ISDS 301538 / FCI (DE) 12901

DOB 02.03.2009

CEA, PRA, Cat. free (2009, 2011)

CEA-DNA normal by grandparents

HD-A, ED free

Working Test, Trial Kl. I, BH, Agility 3 (DE) - Grade 7 (UK)

Winner anniversarytrophy 'Groß Grönau' 2012 (DE)

qualif. for the Agility WC-Qualifikation 2013 (DE)

selected for the WAO 2014 / Reserve WAO 2015


Photos / Videos

Beat is a real special puppy for me, her name is the continuation from my kennelprefix: 'trust your heart beat'
Beat is out of the combination Astra Pepper and Aled Owens International Supreme and World Champion Roy – TYH B-Litter.

Beat has a pedigree for many hopes ... and she is able to convince all of them!

Beat is not only looking very similar to her mum Pepper, she also behaves very much like her ;-) … Beat is my little princess and something really special for me - and she knows this ;-))) ! If a dog can be conceited, then it is Beat!

Beat is training Agility and shows brain and subtlety – she takes pressure, has a fantastic body feeling and very, very much will and fun which you can hear at the course, because she is loud ;-) ...

Working sheep, Beat shows extensive talent! She is a strong, a good listener, has a great balance and feel for her sheep, natural flanks and drive. Everything you need - but I didn't expect anything else with these parents!

Due to some injurys which kept on coming back, i made the hard decision to retire her in 2016. What a dog, so many hopes - which we somehow never managed to fulfill... Beat is now happy working sheep and shows no problems anymore.