Devons Dark Bazooka

05.12.2001 - 22.03.2015 / BH, Agility 3 (DE)

Winner WinterCup-Serie in Zierow 2008/2009 and 2009/2010

Winner 'Nordseeturnier' 2006 and 2007, placed 3rd in 2008

ViceChampion Germanchampionship Jumping 2007

Champion 'des Nordens' 2007

Winner of the 1.– 3. WC-Qualifications 2007

'Clubsieger CfBrH' 2007 (best Border Collie 2007)

Winner 'Flensburger-Förde Cup' 2006

Vicechampion Supermasters 2006

'Landesmeister Schleswig-Holstein' 2005

'Schleswig-Holstein Cup Sieger' 2004 (A2)

Photos / Videos

Bazooka, was a 'workaholic'! She was always the first and with her insanity she kept your attention - which was 24hours if she had her way!

In Agility she was always 100% concentrated, completely focused and always trying to make everything right. She showed a strong will to please. I could only complain that she missed 'the fun' about our hobby sometimes.

From the very beginning of her Agility career she showed great sense, cautious and careful but a fast learner. With this style her progression led to becoming a little Agility Champion and my very special collie!

Bazooka retired from Agility and lived a wonderful and spoiled life with my parents: ran beside the bike, jogging, drove my dads dog crazy ;-) showed all her tricks to family and friends, snuggling on the sofa, etc. etc. etc. ! A huge thanks to my parents, who took so good care of Bazooka!!!
Sadly, Bazooka made her journey over the Rainbowbridge in March 2015 ... she will be very much missed, never forgotten and will life on in our hearts ...