Agility 'my way'

Agility is a great sport, fast and competitive - I have been addicted to it for many, many years ;-)

Since the 'birth' of Agility in Germany, around 20 years ago, I trained my own dogs and worked as a coach ...
This sport changed a lot and you never learn enough - I trained with some of the best handlers on the continent and I am always curious to try new ideas - but I also made up 'my way', which is my own training concept. Working with dogs, people and continual new challenges makes this dog sport very exciting for me!
Seeing successful dogs and teams which I trained is an amazing feeling.
Much feeling for the dog, clear structure and consistency in training are the basics for many achievements and help the dog to understand and to learn.

I give Agility Training and Seminars to groups, teams and also individuals from beginner to advanced level.
Please, see the Training page for more information about my own Agility indoor venue and our program!

Currently I compete with TYH Taz in Grade 7, V in Grade 6 and qualified with her for the World Agility Open 2018.

Quite a few memorable moments i had with my first Border Collie Bazooka, my retired Ghost and TYH Beat who all competed at the World Championship Qualifications and a lot of other huge Competitions...